Which system requirements has gameland-games?

Hardware requirements:

  • Windows PC
  • Apple MAC
  • Soundkarte

Software requirements:

  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115

  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Mozilla Firefox 2+
  • Safari 3+
  • Opera

We recommend a screen solution of at least 1024 x 768. Additionally to that we recommend to update your Internet Browser and the Adobe Flash Player to the latest version. To guarantee that the games are running without a problem we strongly recommend to use latest version of the Adobe Flash Payer. Also we would like to recommend a stable internet connection. We cannot take responsibility for games we are aborted because of the loss of the internet connection.


Do I have to register on gameland-games for testing the games?

On gameland-games you have a trial mode. Therefore you only have to click on Free Games and choose a game of your decision. You can test these games for 40 seconds. If you want to play the whole game then you have to register. The registration on gameland-games is very simple. The only thing you have to do is to click on "Register" on the top right. Afterwards you have to enter a

  • Username (6-16 letters, a-z, 0,9)
  • Password (6-16 letters, a-z, 0-9)
  • Confirm Password (identically to Password)
  • E-Mail (valid e-Mail Address)

After entering these data your player account will be created immediately and you receive an e-Mail to the entered e-Mail address. This e-Mail contains a Verification-Link. You have to click this Verification-Link for activating your player account. After that you can login in on gameland-games with your Username and Password.


What should I do if I have forgotten my Password?

Your login on gameland-games was not successful. Have you forgotten your Password? If you enter your Username in combination with a wrong Password we forward you to a page where you have the possibility to get a new Password. Therefore the only thing you have to do is enter your Username and the corresponding e-Mail address. We send you automatically a new Password by mail to your registerd e-Mail account. Afterwards you can login in with your Username and Password. We ask you to change your Password immediately. You can do that in your account. You just need to enter your old Password under the settings. Then you enter your new Password and confirm it. After you have clicked on "SAVE" your Password was changed successfully.


How can I change my Password?

You can change your Password in your account at any time. You just need to enter your old Password under the settings. Then you enter your new Password and confirm it. After you have clicked on "SAVE" your Password was changed successfully.


How can I change the language?

If you are visiting gameland-games for the first time, the language displayed will be automatically the same as the language set in your Internet browser. If the language is not available, the displayed language will be English. As soon as you have registered yourself, you can change the language at anytime. Therefore you have to select in your account section "Settings" and switch from "Password" to "Language". On this page you can select the language of your decision. The next time you log in, the language displayed will be automatically the language selected by you and will not depend on the language set in the Internet browser anymore. Up to now gameland-games is available in

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Finish
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portugese


What does "Your skill level" in the Multiplayer Challenge represent?

When you are playing Multiplayer Challenge, you see for each individual game your respective skill level. To calculate the skill level the challenges which you have participated at, will be considered. Meaning how often have you participated on the individual challenges and how often have you won one of those.

  • skill level 1 - *
  • skill level 2 - **
  • skill level 3 - ***
  • skill level 4 - ****
  • skill level 5 - *****

As soon as you have won a certain number of challenges, you will move on to a higher skill Level. The same is true for lost challenges, if you loose a certain number of challenges, your skill level will decrease. If you create your own challenge, only players with the same or a lower Skill level are allowed to participate. The same is true for challenges you would like to participate at, you can only participate at challenges with the same or a higher skill level than yours. Please keep in mind that for each game which you play for the first time, you will start with the skill level 1.

The feature skill level serves as protection, as it hinders top players to win constantly all challenges.


How can I recharge money?

Are you already registered as player. Yes? So you can recharge money at every time you wish. Simply click on "Deposit". In this section you find predefined amounts and various recharge options. Up to now it is possible to place recharge by

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro SecureCode
  • paysafecard
  • Germany: Giropay
  • Austria: EPS

Additional payment solutions will be available soon.


Is it really safe to recharge my account with credit card?

Yes, recharging the account with credit card is secure. The payment solutions offered on gameland-games are compliant to PCI DSS and meet the highest security standards. For your safety SSL 3.0 128 Bit encryption and 3D- Secure (verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, JCB J / Secure) are available.


Which security solutions applies gameland-games?

gameland-games uses with Secure Socket layer (SSL) encrypted connections for the transmission of confidential data. Whenever you enter sensible data, they will be encrypted before the transmission to our server.


When will the recharge be booked to my account?

Depending on the payment solution chosen the recharge will be booked to your account. In general the money will be available on your account immediately or after few minutes. If problems arise, please get in touch with



How much does it cost when I withdraw money from my account?

Everytime you withdraw money from your account gameland-games allocates a handling fee of 1 EUR, which will be withheld from the transferred amount.


What happens with my money if the system crashes?

gameland-games guarantees you a stable system. Nevertheless problems could occur. If the system crashes during a game we will check if this was our fault. If it was our fault we charge you back the stake on your account. If it was not our fault but the internect connection was lost, your PC crashed or similar cases we do not charge you back the stake.


What happens with my stake?

If you participate in any game we deduct the stake from your account automatically. For Knockout Tournament, Multiplayer Challenge and Multiplayer Match we deduct 20% as operator fee from the stake for a game. The remaining 80% go back in the system as winning for the people who participate in the particular tournament. Only from the Singleplayer Games we do not give anything back in the system as winning.

The winning of the

  • Knockout Tournament is calculated from the number of participators and rounds. The first three ranks share the prize.
  • Multiplayer Challenge is always calculated from the number of participators and the defined stake without the 20% operator fee.
  • Multiplayer Match is always calculated from the number of participators and the defined stake without the 20% operator fee.

You can see each account movement in your account at any time.


How can I withdraw money from my account?

You have already played successfully and now you want to withdraw your winnings. Therefore you just have to click on "Withdrawal" in your account. There you can see your current account balance, your Balance from deposits and your Balance from winnings. Exclusively the Balance from winnings is allowed to withdraw. Please note that a withdraw is not possible until you have a Balance from winnings of at least 20 EUR.

If you have not filled out your bank data in the moment of withdraw you will be advised on the withdraw page. For completing these data click in your account on "Data" and switch from "Profile data" to "Bank data". For getting your withdrawal you have to fill out these data correctly and completely. After saving these data you can do the withdrawal. The withdrawal will be done via bank transfer.

Please note:You have to be at least 18 years old to be allowed to do a withdrawal. Furthermore your Profile data and Bank data have to be completed and correct. The operator is allowed to check these data at any time. And in case of wrong data the operator is allowed to withhold the withdrawal. For more details have a look at GTC.